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How the Synthetic Diamond Industry is Changing the World for the Better

Would you choose to buy a synthetic diamond over a diamond dug up from the ground? Probably not. Most people equate synthetic with the words cheap, fake or low quality.

But in this day and age, cutting edge technology is redefining the very essence of synthetic diamonds, and progressive companies, such as Vivante Stone are leading the charge to raise awareness about the diamond industry, with a stunning collection of lab grown gems that put corporate gems to shame.

What is a synthetic diamond?

Synthetic or lab grown diamonds are created through a highly controlled laboratory process utilizing cutting edge technological methods. These methods duplicate the exact environmental components needed for diamonds to grow naturally- just like in the wild.

The chemical composition is literally the same. Carbon atoms are arranged systematically to produce an optically flawless diamond in a lab. The main difference between a mined diamond and a man made diamond is an ethical one.

What is a synthetic diamond?

The problem with real diamonds...

For a moment, let’s stop and think about what “a diamond dug from the earth” really entails, and then it starts to get scary.

When heavy mining machinery starts digging, coastlines are eroded and entire forests are leveled, disrupting fragile ecosystems. Local communities of people are forced to migrate, as food and water sources become contaminated.

And that’s not all. Human rights are violated through forced labor and inhumane treatment. And for what? Inflated prices for gemstones that aren’t even that rare or valuable?

Since the turn of the century, scientists have attempted to grow diamonds that replicate natural ones. Though there was progress, the massive marketing campaign launched by the De Beers Corporation proved widely successful in cementing mined diamonds as the creme de la creme of engagement rings- and unfortunately, this has become the cultural standard.

Then, information technology arrived on the scene

Thanks to the internet and films like Blood Diamond, the controversies surrounding the corporate diamond industry began to surface and shock the world.

From irresponsible mining practices that destroy vital habitats to human exploitation, perceptions are changing, and more people are opting for ethically produced diamonds.

Lab grown diamonds are not an alternative- they are the future

Cheap, fake, low quality...the common misconceptions surrounding synthetic diamonds are fading away as people seek to make sustainable lifestyle choices and escape overpriced gemstones.

Lab grown diamonds are identical to earth sourced diamonds in every way, from the chemical composition to the clarity, color and cut. They do not require mining or extensive labor, and are therefore the most sustainable choice.

This leads to the price factor…

Because less costs are involved to grow lab diamonds, you spend up to 40% less than you would on a mined diamond.

Make a difference with Vivante Stone

Make a difference with Vivante Stone

Sharing your love for another should be a memorable occasion not overshadowed by stress, guilt and financial strife.

Vivante Stone is a jewelry company that strives to shake up the corrupt diamond industry by leading with compassion and innovation to bring the diamond back to what it originally symbolized: happiness and love.

Discover a timeless collection of affordable, meticulously crafted diamond pieces. Each Vivante diamond is ranked at the highest level for color, carat weight, clarity and quality using the world renowned GIA Diamond Grade Scale.

So, next time you shop for diamond jewelry, just remember that you do have a choice. Affordable, stunning and eco friendly- with synthetic diamonds, you can display your love AND change the world for the better!