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The Inflated Diamond Industry and How Lab Grown Diamonds Are Fighting Back

From male peacocks strutting their fabulous tails to bucks locking antlers in a testosterone fueled fury, many living organisms on earth have a unique way of attracting a mate.

Take the human male, for example. Without blinking an eyeball, he‘ll drop thousands on a sparkly rock for his mate instead of oh, I don’t know...investing it in his family’s future?

Welcome to the corporate diamond world, where savvy marketing says, “If your engagement ring doesn’t have a diamond, your marriage is doomed. That’ll be $10,000 and your soul, please.”

Are diamonds even that rare and special? And, why are they so dang expensive?

In order to answer these burning questions, let’s take a trip back in time to the turn of the century and the rise of the De Beers Corporation.

Who is De beers?

The De Beers Corporation set up the first large-scale diamond mines in South Africa, then launched a successful marketing campaign that changed the public’s perception as we know it today.

Diamonds were introduced as rare, highly valuable gemstones- the only stone worthy enough for an engagement ring.

In the 1950s, celebrities in Hollywood would appear in movies dripping in diamonds, like Marilyn Monroe performing Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend in the movie Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.

Diamonds skyrocketed from there, and De Beers made sure to keep a short leash on the monopoly. He controlled up to 85% of the diamond supply for decades, only releasing a strict number of diamonds for sale to ensure that demand stayed high.

This accomplished 2 things:

1. Diamond prices are highly inflated
2. Diamonds are considered rare

Losing their luster…

Thanks to information technology, the truth about De Beers and diamonds is coming out, and the truth hurts.

While couples swallow the stress of paying for a costly diamond, monopolies like De Beers are profiting exponentially from inflated prices. 

And, let’s just get this out in the open: diamonds are NOT rare. In fact, they are one of the most common gemstones around. 

The good news is, earth sourced diamonds are taking hits as more people become aware of the devastating environmental impacts mining has on the planet. 

Not to mention “blood diamonds” and the exploitation of human rights in countries like Africa, where children are forced to mine for diamonds in order to finance civil wars.

There’s a new diamond in the rough

There’s a new diamond in the rough

If you’re reading this and thinking that you don’t have a choice, your girlfriend has dreamt of a diamond engagement ring forever, don’t fret.

Technological innovation is a beautiful thing, and it’s being used to challenge the corporate diamond industry. 

Lab grown diamonds are ethical & stunning

Vivante Stone is one jewelry company utilizing cutting edge techniques to grow diamonds in laboratories. 

You may be thinking, “Lab diamonds? Sounds fake…”

Not at all. Scientists have discovered the elemental formula needed to replicate exactly how diamonds grow naturally in the wild.

The results are stunning, 100% vegan diamonds that share the same chemical composition as an earth sourced diamond. 

Fighting for love and the planet

In 2020, no one should be spending their hard earned money on overpriced diamonds dug from the muddy earth by a helpless child.

Lab grown diamonds are better for the environment, are optically flawless and get this...they cost 40% less than real diamonds since no mining is involved.

Fighting for love and the planet

Vivante Stone is leading the charge against inflated diamond prices and blood diamonds by offering a high quality, affordable collection of meticulously crafted synthetic diamond pieces. 

Each Vivante Stone diamond features zero imperfections and impeccable clarity, ranking at the highest level on the renowned GIA Diamond Grading Scale.

Win her heart with a breathtaking Vivante Stone diamond engagement ring- she’ll never know the difference, but the perfection is undeniable!