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This is Why Lab Grown Diamonds are Better for the World

She lifts her hand to the camera, and the diamond on her finger glimmers like a sunburst as she snaps a photo and posts it to social media with the hashtag #engagementring.

As the compliments and congratulations roll in, she’s happy. But what she doesn’t realize is the devastating toll the environment endured in order to put that rock on her finger.

Earth-sourced diamonds & what we do to get our hands on them

A diamond is the ultimate gift, especially when received from the love of your life. Just be mindful of where that diamond came from!

In Africa and other parts of the world, irresponsible diamond mining has essentially wiped out habits, collapsed ecosystems and forced communities of people to migrate from their homes.

Soil erosion, water contamination and deforestation transform vast stretches of lush, vibrant wilderness into depleted, lifeless moonscapes.
Earth-sourced diamonds & what we do to get our hands on them
When the last diamond has been dug up and a mine is abandoned, it’s the local people and wildlife who suffer the consequences.
Eco friendly diamonds exist...and they’re stunning

Luckily, the perfect diamond does exist, and believe it or not- it’s grown in a laboratory!

These vegan diamonds are real, raw diamonds that share the exact same chemical composition as naturally occurring diamonds. And that’s not all...

1. Lab grown diamonds are ethically produced

The diamond industry is feeling the heat as people become more informed about unethical mining practices and the exploitation of human rights.

Miners are forced to work long, grueling hours in dangerous conditions. And in certain parts of the world, child labor is a monumental issue where young children must toil away in mines and face wide-spread abuse.

1. Lab grown diamonds are ethically produced

Lab grown diamonds bypass these issues completely. Advanced techniques emulate the conditions needed for a diamond to grow naturally in a lab, just like a real diamond in the rough.

The result is an optically flawless diamond without any of the guilt!

2. Lab grown diamonds are environmentally friendly

Mining is a labor intensive process that requires heavy machinery, mass fuel consumption and staggering amounts of energy.

Coastlines and forests are decimated by ruthless excavation that leaves behind rock waste, land pits and contaminated water sources.

On the contrary, sustainability is oftentimes the driving force behind quality synthetic diamonds.

It takes a lot less energy to grow a diamond in a lab because there’s zero digging, travel or strenuous labor involved.

3. With lab grown diamonds, there’s no uncertainty

It’s rare to find a perfectly clear diamond. Even the slightest hint of color can change the value, no matter the size or cut.

3. With lab grown diamonds, there’s no uncertainty

All about the 4 C’s: color, clarity, cut & carat weight

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) is one of the foremost experts on diamond grading, with a self-developed grade scale that is used all over the world to rate diamond quality.

Lab grown diamonds like Vivante Stone are optically flawless. You don’t get any cracks, color or cloudiness, rendering the highest ranking on the GIA Diamond Grading Scale.

Conclusion: Diamonds are forever...but the planet isn’t

Yes, you can enjoy the timeless beauty of a diamond, but where that diamond comes from is definitely something you should consider before purchasing one for yourself or a loved one.

Vivante Stone is dedicated to the preservation of the environment through ethical business practices. Our vegan diamonds are naturally grown using the latest technological advancements that replicate the exact chemical composition of a raw diamond.

So, instead of splurging on a traditional diamond, stand against unethical mining and blood diamonds with a high quality Vivante creation. It’s the same exact iconic gemstone...only more perfect!